Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BBAW Day 3: Unexpected Treasure

Today is day three of Book Blogger Appreciation Week!  Today we are focusing on an unexpected treasure, a book that we picked up do to a fellow bloggers recommendation. Here is mine:

Graceling was an amazing read and It was the catalyst for a lot of 1st's for me:

The first book I purchased based on Bloggers buzzing about it

The first YA book I had purchased in over 2 years

The very first book I publicly commented on in a Blog Format

Here are my initial thoughts on the book from January, 3 2010 : It's short, but it's special to me, it represents a major turning point in my life and has introduced me to so many wonderful things! Happy BBAW guys you all inspire me and give me the courage to keep my Blog going :) :) :)

Happy New year everyone I just came off a December readathon! I focused  on reading in December in an attempt to whittle down the number of books I have. I read twenty four books and graphic novels for a total of 4,748 pages. one of my favorite reads was Graceling By Kristin Cashore. Such a beautifully imagined fantasy world and a strong heroine. I don't want to start a Twibash session but I feel that every mother that allowed there young daughters to read the Twilight series should definitely pick up this book! It was so refreshing to see such a strong female character. Though gifted with a "grace" that helps her physically it is Kasta's emotional Journey that most impressed me. When she meets the male lead Po( a physical and more importantly MENTAL match to Edward) She is most concerned with losing herself and how being in a relationship will affect her life and her freedom. I look forward to the companion book by Cashmore: Fire. now back to reading :)

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