Thursday, February 11, 2010


So one day I walk into my friendly neighborhood comic shop
(Earth2 Comics) and the owner Judd hands me my pulls on
top is a book called Locke & Key

Judd: I pulled this for you it's not on your request list but It's great and you need to have it.

Me: Who is Joe Hill ?

Judd: He is a Horror /fiction writer, Oh and he happens to be Stephen Kings son, but no one knew that till recently.

Me: I love that! Kudos to someone who wants to earn success on their own merits.

Thus began my Fangirl Love for Joe Hill. Locke & Key quickly became my favorite comic, I picked up Heart Shaped Box and was terrified, thrilled and touched. Then I pick up  his inccredible novella Gunpowder: Fan girl love magnifies! Then there is 20th century Ghosts.Stunning. I've meet Joe twice at SDCC  and he is always a joy. He is also responsible for my twitter addiction :) follow him @joe_hill

Now we come to February 2010 and Horns. Read this excerpt and you too will become a fan. Cant wait til February 16th :)

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