Monday, April 12, 2010


I love to read! and I also have a strong desire to try my hand at writing. Last November I signed up for National Novel Writing Month and really enjoyed it. So a few weeks ago I signed up for Nano's sister challenge ScriptFrenzy. This challenge is to write a 100 page script or graphic novel I chose Graphic novel and am now woefully behind!!!

Coming off the 24 hr readathon I thought I would devote this weekend to Script Frenzy!

So starting Saturday April 17th I'm challenging myself to spend 12 hours on my Script frenzy!

I will be taking breaks to eat, possibly nap, outline and encourage anyone who is joing me.

If your in leave me a comment with your blog address and twitter ID so i can cheer you on
my sign in is @yogikai

You can also just tweet me since I wil be keeping a 2to2 list

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Kate T said...

I'm in! I as soooooo far behind, although I plan on doing a write-in on Wednesday and also started a Skype group for people interested in doing online write-ins. I work weekends in the evenings, but my days will be free to write, Saturday more so than Sunday. But it sounds like a plan!