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This week I'm reviewing an actual comic and I have two copies of the reprint of this issue to give away!

The Walking Dead is responsible for my return to comic books. Most comic book readers go thru a "slump" this is when they either cut back on the books they read,or drop out of reading them completely. I was the latter. I just wasn't excited by what was coming out in comics about 5 years ago. since I wasn't living near a shop it made the decision to stop reading them altogether. I was still into pop culture, sci fi and horror though. While flipping thru a copy of Entertainment Weekly I came across an add for the graphic novel trade collection of The Walking Dead. A few days later I stumbled across a comicshop and went in. I bought vol 1 of the collected issues that day. I went back two days later and bought vols 2-4 and the current issues on the stands.

The walking Dead is everything Zombie Lovers like about the genre and sooo much more. Author Robert Kirkman is an avid Zombie fan. He felt that zombie movies always ended at the best part. His premise is for the book is to follow one character : Police officer Rick Grimes and follow him to his conclusion. That may be a bloodthirsty end or a natural death. The book is now on issue 70 and sitll going strong.

This issue opens with officer Grimes and his partner trying to stop a suspect on a state road. Rick is shot. The next pages are very reminescent of the movie 28 Days later. Rick wakes up in a hospital bed to dead silence.  Walking the hallways of the hospital he makes a grisly discovery.

My favorite part of this issue is that the zombies appear on page 6! The action starts fast. Kirkman does  a great job of establishing Rick's horror and confusion along with great zombie action. The entire comic's in Black and White and remains so til this day. Tony Moore's art is stunning you heart races thru out the issue despite the lack of color.

This first issue sets the stage for Rick's quest and moves at a great pace. I highly rate this series 4+. If you decide to add this to your reding lists their are several versions of reprints to fit your budget

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AND look for a six episode miniseries coming in the fall from the AMC network!!!

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Great giveaway! This is one of my boyfriend's favorite series.

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