Sunday, May 16, 2010


Crossover Sunday is My attempt to lure fiction readers to the comic book world :) Today I'm focusing on three great western titles.

First up is Jonah Hex. Im a DC fan so I've known about Jonah for a while but I've never really read any of the series. It was an episode of the show Batman Brave and Bold that the character was in that made me check out one of the books.

Face Full Of Violence is a perfect Trade collection for those new to Jonah. This collection of stories by writer Jimmy Palmiotti and The art team of Justin Gray and Luke Ross is beautifully done.

The stories range from three pages to 9-12 pages. The book lives up to it's name as we follow Hex on his journeys. The violence is intense and filled with black sardonic humor. I would definetly read more adventures with Hex by this same creative team. I'm really looking forward to the movie also.

Loveless is a dark western tale of revenge, redemption and love that takes place after the Civil War. Brian Azzarello is a masteful writer and the events of this story unfold over three tps. I don't want to give much away on this series :) It is definetly for adults and really potrays the true cost of vengeance.

The Sixth Gun was one of my favorite Free Comic Book Day Titles. It had great positive buzz, and I really enjoyed it. We are introduced to Drake Sinclair a man with questionable motives who is searching for a fabled treasure. His quest leads him to the Montcrief family and The gun of which the title speakes. Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt are a great team, The art and story instantly draw you in. I also like the addition of the occult in this story line. This issue was a huge succcess for Oni press many retailers reported the books  to go quickly and Oni completely exhausted their print run! They are reissuing issue one with the above cover in July.  However if you cant wait,( you shouldn't!!) The first issue is available for download online!

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