Monday, June 14, 2010


In an effort to attack My GROWING tbr pile I've decided to group together my piles by authors!  This week June 14-19 I want to focus on Rachel Vincent. First off Rachel has a beautiful website that I highly recommend you visit:  It's very well done and a great reference for her work. My journey with Rachel began with this:


While visiting one of My favorite Authors site: Kim Harrison I saw this cover and a link to an excerpt from STRAY. I was hooked after the sample and bought the book as soon as it was released!  It's such a joy for me to discover an Author at the beginning of their career. Stray was such a unique voice in the Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy Genre both the character and Rachel's writing style. So to kick things off for the week here are :

The Top 5 Reasons I Love Faythe ~And Rachel ;)~

1) Faythe is a Unique voice in the paranormal world. Snarky? Yes! Rebellious? HELL Yes! Her fierce quest for independence in a familial society that just wants her protected is inspiring. Rachel has a firm grasp of Faythe's character but also leaves room for growth as the series progresses.

2) Rachel loves Chocolate, I love chocolate, Faythe... hmm does she love chocolate? I think so anyway she likes to eat pizza! mmm pizza ;)

3)Faythe/Rachel made me change my mind!! OK we book lovers are prone to teams: Team Edward Team Jacob etc. From the beginning of the series I was Team Marc! ~sigh, Marc~ Faythe's other suitor Jace wasn't really my favorite. As events have unfolded in the books I now see Jace as a VALID choice for Faythe and not just a tool for a Love Triangle. I love authors that challenge me and I have to say I have no idea who Faythe is going to end up with!!

4) Thunder, Thunder, ThunderBirds!!!! I don't want to spoil anything for new readers but these characters are great. I 'm amazed that in the midst of an established series Rachel is able to introduce new characters that are interesting and help move the plot along.

5) Anticipation!! I love that feeling of excitement that comes with waiting for a good book especially if cliffhangers are involved which the shifters series has. I'm so torn between waiting, waiting, waiting For Alpha in October and  not wanting the series to end!

Here's ALPHA's pretty cover:

Join me tomorrow for my review of My Soul to Lose the prequel to The Soul Screamers Series!


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I so need to read these books! I have only heard great things about them :)

Diane said...

Awesome countdown! I started the Soul Screamers series & was hooked on Rachel's writing & went out & bought all of the Shifters books that had been released to date. I've decided to wait until Alpha is released in October before starting them as I've learned with the Soul Screamers series that not having the next book in the series to read right away KILLS ME! These kinds of reviews just reinforce how right my decision was to buy them all right away. Thanks for the review!


thanks for your comments guys :)