Sunday, June 20, 2010

REVIEW : And Falling, Fly Skyler White

and Falling, Fly and Falling, Fly by Skyler White

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

and Falling,Fly has the lushest, most interesting use of language I've ever encountered in a novel. This being said the narrative thread left me somewhat confused and worst bored.

The prologue of the book is amazing, and shows Skyler's writing prowess : "I'm almost touching her, breathing the slippery smell of her fear".W e are introduce to Olivia, a fallen angel and vampire. In Skyler's universe the fallen angels are angels of desire. They shape themselves to the desires of their victims both male and female. If their victims feel fear or desire they can feed safely upon them.

However if they feel nothing for them the Angel's damage themselves if they persist in their hunting. Olivia wanders thorough this world contemplating her curse. She has held hopes of salvation for thousands of years but they have dwindled and she now seeks to return to a mysterious hotel in Ireland ,to remain with her sister vampires in their pain and desire.

Next we are introduced to Dominic a scientist who is a Reborn, a human cursed with remembering all the pain and joy of his past lives. He seeks to find a way to fix his problems scientifically and through a series of events is on the same path to Hell, the hotel where Olivia is staying.

I originally attributed the meandering of the plot in this book as a subtext to the characters emotions, and experiences. There were several chapters where I was drawn into the anticipation of Olivia and Dominic's meeting. I thought that bringing these two characters together would streamline the focus and out come, of the novel. It does to a small extent but not enough to satisfy me. I would definitely give another book by Skyler a try but I really couldn't get into the style of this one despite many moments of beautiful prose.

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