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Hello Everyone and welcome to my Blog. I'm actually on vacation right now, but I hope to be checking in with Twitter and chatting with everyone. I have been blogging for a little over Five months and have loved the support and acceptance I've received from fellow Bloggers. I enjoy all types of books: Comics, Manga, Horror, YA, Historical Romance, Paranormal etc. I love to discover new books and love to share reviews about books I love. Nothing makes me happier then hearing I book I recommended was bought and enjoyed by someone else! For my contest i thought Id have a Gift Pack that represented all the genres I enjoy reading:
I Love Manga! It combines my love of Comic Illustration with a variety of storytelling styles. I also like the glimpse of Japanese culture and lifestyle that Manga gives me a glimpse of. I also enjoy that Manga covers a variety of different themes and plot lines: Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery. For the uninitiated I recommend the publisher Viz Media for Manga. The publish many of the the Top 10 selling Manga that appeal to all ages and interests. Solanin is Written and Illustrated by Inio Asano. It focuses  on Meiko Inoue she is a recent college Graduate working in a office job. As she deals with the transition from student to adult  she deals with  difficult choices that will set the course of her future life. The art and writing in this book is stunning and it also shows that even though Meiko is from another country she still deals with the same issues everyone does while growing up.

The dead &the gone is a companion book to Susan's book The world as we knew it. It chronicles the events following a large comet hitting the moon and adversely affecting the Earth. There are three books in the series. this story stands alone but also ties into the third book in the series. I was introduced to the world of YA novels thru several notable bloggers like The Story Siren at  I've since become a large fan of the genre. I discovered this series while browsing around the Ya section of my local bookstore.

I became a huge fan of Jonathan Maberry after reading his Zombie book Patient Zero. The Dragon Factory is the sequel to that book but can be read without reading the prior book. This book is about The DMS a group that handles threats to the US government that even the President is sometimes ignorant too. This book has fast paced action and adventure. It's a race against time as a Doomsday Clock triggered by two insane scientists trying to realise Adolph Hitlers twisted dreams. I look forward to the other books in the series.

So hopefully I've peaked your interest enough to want to enter for a chance to win these great books!

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Great giveaway. I've been wanting to read Patient Zero thanks for reminding me.


OutnumberedMama said...

Hoping to win any of these titles!
I am participating in the Got Books? Event too! Check out my giveaway: Busy Moms Who Love To Read

Kristen said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

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Lexie said...

Ah zombies and manga!! :D

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nfmgirl said...

I'm interested in the Dead and Gone series! I've got Gone sitting on my shelf to read in the next couple of months. Thanks for the giveaway!

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Jenna said...

These all look great! I'd love to read them all.

I follow your blog.

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Thanks for the contest! I hope you have a great time on vacation.


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Caitlin said...

Great contest! I'm a fan of mangas too. I glad to see they are being represented! :)

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Hi there! Isn't Got Books? a fun event?

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Great giveaway! Thanks for participating in the event, even when you couldn't be there in person! Have a great weekend...and happy reading!

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Have been interested in the 2 book series THE WORLD AS WE KNEW IT and THE DEAD AND GONE since first hearing about it. I put them on the shelves of our county library. The other 2 sound interesting.

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