Thursday, October 21, 2010



    Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite Authors. I initially discovered his work through comics, His creation, Sandman is an amazing series that has crossover appeal for lovers of horror and suspense fiction. Here is a review of two of his stories from Angels & Visitations:


             This short story was written for an anthology called "Creators For the Ethical Treatment of Animals" In Neil's own words "its a fable of sorts"  Like all great fables it shines  a light on the actions of society.  In Babycakes it is a society that has woken up to the complete absence of all forms of animals.  Aah but what creative species we are. Instead of changing our environmental impact a brilliant thought occurs to this society "after all, there were still babies".  "Babies cant talk, they can hardly move. A baby is not a rational thinking creature"

 I'll say no more . This is such a chilling short snippet of prose that is very thought   provoking.

               We Can Get Them For You Wholesale

       Peter Pinter, jilted lover is looking for  revenge. Ketch, Hare, and Burke The Old Firm are more than happy to give it to him. Peter wants his romantic rival killed and Mr. Burton Kimble is happy to oblige. Would sir like the special? two for one?

How about the bulk rate for 10 people? Are there 10 people he would like killed ? What would you do when faced with such a deal? What petty slights and envious thoughts would help you make a list of 10,20,100,1000 ?A creepy tale Neil at his finest.

             Both Fragile Things and The Graveyard book are also newly released in paperback, I highly recommend them both.

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vvb32 reads said...

raising hand, i'm a gaiman fan, yes indeedy. Loved Graveyard Book. have the other two in my tbr pile.