Wednesday, October 27, 2010



       Horror fans if you haven't given Clive Barker a chance your really missing out! Though I admit his later works haven't been as enjoyable to me, his series the books of blood is a masterpiece of short horror fiction. Dark, horrible, funny and terrifying every genre of short fiction and even fantasy is covered in this series. Clive is also a very talented artist as these covers to to the British edition show. I also recommend the book The Damnation game.

          This is one of my favorite graphic novels. John Bolton has done a wonderful job
            adapting Clive's story. I confess to reading this every holiday season it is so much fun! The yattering is a minor demon that has been sent to torment human Jack Polo. The yattering plays a variety of tricks on Jack that escalate when Jack's family comes to visit. Such funny scenes ensue as the demons frustration rises. John Bolton is a master illustrator and his work shines in this volume.

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Heather said...

I love Clive Barker... and if you've never checked it out, his YA series, Abarat is pretty interesting, and full of illustrations by him. :)