Friday, October 8, 2010

REVIEW: Cry Ohana

Cry OhanaCry Ohana by Rosemary Mild

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received this book as a review copy from Publish America. The premise of the book sounded very interesting and was a little outside my genre.

Hank Pualoa drives drunk and kills his wife. Torn with grief he leaves Hawaii and his two children with their Grandmother . Hank's son 12 year old Kekoa witnesses the murder of his Uncle and is on the run from the killer. The abruptness of his fathers departure didn't make much sense to me. I can understand his grief but I couldn't get past the total abandonment he displays in the beginning of the novel.

From there we follow Kekoa's journey to support himself and stay one step ahead of the killer.

I really couldn't get into this book. the chapters were short but I had a problem with the plot threads.

I also had a problem with the dialect. There was a lot of slang to reinforce the fact that the characters are Hawaiian but it doesn't flow easily and comes off stereotypical. I lost interest in the plot and was unable to finish the book.

This book just wasn't for  me but I'm grateful for the opportunity to review it.

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