Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Life Through Books 2: Men In Tights!

Hi Everyone. Well I'm quite pleased with my Nanowrimo progress, I'm over ten thousand words. I need to get 4,000 words done today to meet my original goal of 2,000 words a day. I'm putting a lot of pressure on my self because I really want to relax and read Thanksgiving weekend.
Today in My Life Through Books I want to talk about my favorite Childhood books.  My mother loved to read and she passed that onto me. In my earliest memories there are books. When I was in third grade my mother began a mandatory weekend ritual with My sister Inga and myself. We would go to the Public Library and were required to pick out one book. The Public library in CT is a huge marble sanctuary. It has large cement steps and huge Lion Statues guarding it's entry way. The children's department was in the basement and upon entering the library doors I would rush down the steps. The Library was always my second home. I would quickly have ten books piled into my hands, the maximum allowed, and then I would have mo tote bag stuffed and my nose between a book. For my sister it was quite a different story. My sister isn't a reader, never has been. My mothers mandatory weekend visits were a torture to her. It would take forever for her to choose a book, I would often trail after her suggestions. Finally she would pick the slimest book she could find , take it home and never open it.
It's interesting how some people take to books and others don't. I do notice that my sisters lack of reading is also reflected in my niece and nephews. None of them are great readers. The love magazines but none of them reads anything consistently, except a few of the comics and books I gave them as gifts. I can't imagine not reading, I read every day. I'm grateful that my mother took the time to introduce me to books but I suspect even if she didn't I'd still be a book addict :) Here are two of my favorite books that my mother read to me before bedtime:

Since my mother first introduced me to King Arthur I was hooked.I've had many versions throughout my life but the copy above is my favorite. The binding and illustrations pull you in no matter what age you are. When I discovered that Knights actually existed in England's past I became obsessed with England's history and my shelves became covered with books about Castles and Kings and Queens. This story still moves me whenever I read it and I will pick up almost any book fiction or non-fiction that deals with the King Arthur legend.

From men in armor to men in tights Robin Hood was another Legend that grabbed my interest. I spent weeks running around our back yard with a plastic bow and arrow. I also loved Marian. In the Arthur myths the women though important as Queens and Wives never really got involved in the fray. Marian however is very active in helping Robin. She even dresses up like a man and goes to the forest to seek him out! I also loved all the Merry Men and Friar Tuck. The Robin Hood Myth is another myth that I track down and read in any form comics, films and books.

Maid Marian like Guinevere is a fascinating literary character. Author Rosalind Miles has a wonderful trilogy about her.
One of my favorite stories about Marian is this book by Elsa Watson. I often search online for updates about Elsa but so far I've discovered no new books forthcoming from her.This book is a gem: 


                        Young Marian is a pawn. She has been married since she was five to Lord Hugh and she has dreaded the day when her wedding would be consummated.When word comes that Lord Hugh is dead Marian becomes a ward of Richard The Lion heart. Marian knows she isn't safe for long so she makes one o the most courageous gambles of her young life she makes a plea to the Notorious outlaw Robin Hood. This is a wonderful novel, Elsa's prose folds the hallmarks of the periods language with her own unique narrative style. The story is told solely from Marians perspective so we get a different look a t Robin. He is very seductive in this Novel, extremely obliging and challenging to Marian at the same time. this is a wonderful adventure that really shows Marian as a strong vibrant character worthy of the great Robin Hood.


Kate said...

Just stopping by to give you a little NaNo love, sounds like you're doing awesome. I'm ahead a little bit too, but I need to step up my pace if I want time to read Thanksgiving weekend. Good luck to you!

Erica M. Chapman said...

Great list ;o) Good luck with NaNo, sounds like you're doing great!!

brandileigh2003 said...

You're doing great on NaNo- I totally understand wanting to be able to relax on Thanskgiving.