Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hi everyone here is my first update! It's day 3 and I've just completed my morning writing session. My goal is 2,00 words a day so I can be done on 11/2410 . Well I'm a little behind but the day is young! I'm really enjoying the process this year. It's my second year and I've learned a lot since my last Nano. Mostly I've learned patience and to NOT write if I'm not enjoying the process. It's interesting this year I've noticed a lot of Nano backlash on twitter and Blogs. Even one of my favorite authors Maggie Stiefvater wasn't to happy with it on a recent goodreads post HERE just search for her profile. I understand the format and the 50,000 words in a month doesn't seem realistic but it depends on your expectations. For me Nano is an opportunity to pursue my dream to write. Dreams however only come true with effort! I've been sorely lacking in follow through on my writing goals and Nano gives me a much needed kick in the butt! Also after Nano I find that I continue to write on a schedule for some time, I hope this year Nano will help me to develop consistent writing habits.
So as of Day 3 I'm at 3,026 words. More importantly I'm enjoying my story and being creative. I'll admit I've procrastinated a little but my goal is 6,000 words by tonight! I'll be up late. You can check the word counter widget to see how I'm doing. Now off to write!!

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