Friday, December 31, 2010

BEST OF 2010

Here we are at the End of the Year already! In a few short days it will be my one year Blog Anniversary! It's been a wonderful year of reading and I'm looking forward to a very productive Year of Reading. Here are my top Ten Books for 2010 :
This book was one of my favorites. Stacia has created a wonderful universe with complicated, flawed and extremely vibrant characters not to be missed!

Horror can Thrill and Chill but also at its best explore the depth of the human heart and experience. I not only read this book I LIVED it. For days after these characters and what they experienced enveloped me.

Another book that pulled deeply at my heartstrings. What I though of at the beginning as a thrilling YA trilogy revealed itself as a powerful exploration of human nature, control, love and war.

If you've never read a book by Neil Gaiman this is a wonderful place to start. This YA tale about a young boy named bod and his growth from boy to man is an instant classic. Their is a wonderful lyrical quality to the tale that brings to mind all the best fairy tales ever written melded with Neil's narrative gifts.

Yes this book had me at Zombies, but it kept me with a wonderful exploration of societies reaction to what's different. Funny, Horrific and often times heartbreaking.


The sequel to I'm not a Serial Killer this book delves deeper into the mind set of young John as he tries to fight a deadly demon in his outer and inner world.


A prequel to  Cassandra's Mortal Instruments Series this book is a wonderful steam punk adventure! It stands on its own, but I dare you to read this and NOT snap up  Cassandra's other books :)


The second book in the Wake trilogy this book really defined the series for me, I cant wait to read book 3


       The Soul Screamers Series just keeps getting better and better. This book had the most shocking revelation in the series to date. Broke my heart but also amazed me with the plot twists Rachel is able to devise.


I would have to say this was my most enjoyable YA this year. Gorgeous illustration and a historical based fiction story filled with action and adventure.

It is impossible to fully encompass all the books I've read this year in such a short list but I have to say 2010 has been one of my favorite reading years. Being a part of the blogging world has opened up a whole knew universe of reading to me and I'm so excited to see what 2011 brings .


Jan von Harz said...

This is a great list of favs. I loved Clockwork Angel, which was actually my first book by Clare. Now I am a fan. Have a Happy New Year!

vvb32 reads said...

great picks. the way you describe the joe hill one really grabs my attention. have a happy new year!

Tif said...

I was hoping to read Horns this last fall, but never got to it. I even sent a copy to my aunt to read, and she read it before me! She said she really liked that one too! I gotta get reading it!