Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shades Of Gray:Review of My Soul To Steal

       I'm going to go on record as saying that in series books I'm a very Black &White type of reader. I get attached, usually pick teams really fast if more than one romantic interest is involved, and I often make the mistake of thinking I know where things are going. I'm an avid reader so I'm usually right except when it comes to Rachel Vincent. In Rachel and Kaylee's world there is all kinds of GRAY going on.

After the events of the last book Nash has broken Kaylee's heart (and mine!). I was so proud of Kaylee for having the strength to walk away from Nash. I thought things with Nash were done, that Kaylee would move on maybe perhaps even with Tod (I'm so loving Tod since that punch!), but Nooooo, who rears his head at school  newly sober and twice as Sexy? Nash!

Kayle goes through a multitude of emotions at Nash's presence. He's sorry, He Love's her and he wants her back. Rachel does a great job at portraying Kaylee's reservations. I don't know if it is deliberate on Rachel's part ,or as a tool for the progress of the story, but I enjoy how Kaylee doesn't just fall back into Nash's arms. Kaylee is such a good role model for teens. She doesn't know all the answers but she asks the right questions: What do you do when you love some one but every instinct in your gut is warning you off? Are there some things that can never be forgiven? If your not fully reconciled with your boyfriend should you let him hang out with his ex?

Thats' right an EX! as if poor Kaylee didn't have enough to worry about (a rash of dead teachers at school and a former netherworld resident sleeping on her couch) she has to deal with Sabine Nash's ex girlfriend who has just transferred to their school

Bad goes to worse when Kaylee discovers Sabine is a Mara or Nightmare. Some one who can bring a person's fears to the surface in dreams and then feed on them.

To make things worse Nash asks Kaylee to let him resume his friendship with Sabine since he is still having difficulties with his addiction and can use a friend.

ARRGH! I was so angry for Kaylee and didn't envy her and the tough decisions she had to make. It paralyzed her and seemed to make her weaker. I cringed as Sabine taunted her in reality and in her dreams and was furious at Nash for asking her to put up with so much. It is wonderful how the writing manipulates your emotions in these books, I enjoy the ten angst and the action. Rachel does a great job of making Sabine a worthy rival. I couldn't stand her! Poor Kaylee, she could face netherworld Demons but she often failed to be able to match Sabine's skillful manipulations!

As Kaylee unravels the mystery of the murdered teachers she finds a connection to a demon they have tangled with before: Avari's  and new threat connected to Sabine.

Rachel does a deft job at balancing action and the relationship elements in the book but I did feel the ending was a little rushed. I wasn't really sure if things had been fully resolved between Nash and Kaylee. Tod was interesting in this volume, he has a few interesting encounters that make me question his true feeling toward Kaylee.

I'm looking forward to the next book to see how these threads get resolved. I've become so involved in the lives of these characters it makes the reading of each volume enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what twists in turns await to shake me from my Black &White perceptions :)

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