Monday, January 24, 2011

Ist Annual Manga Immersion Week




    I really enjoy Manga. It is the one form of entertainment that encompasses all the genres I enjoy reading: Action, Adventure, Romance, Historical Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction , Mystery , Horror. Vampires , Ghosts. Manga covers it all and more.

In Japan almost everyone reads Manga: Men, Women, children , Seniors. Manga volumes in Japan come out weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. The Manga come in huge volumes about the size of a small phone book! Each issue has chapters of 7-10 ongoing series. The most popular series get reprinted into individual volumes like those pictured above.

Manga can be a little expensive so here are some recommendation's on the best places to get manga.

1) PBS This is one of the best ways to get manga cheaply. I've also made a lot of PBS buddies who I've been able to swap books privately with.

2) Libraries. This may be a little harder due to budget cuts. You may find a lot of different Manga but many in non sequential order. Id recommend that you request additional copies even buy a few to help  the library get started.

3) Publishers sites, Amazon, Book Depository: The publisher sites like VIZ often offer buy 3 get the 4th free specials. Amazon and Book Depository also have great discounts on books.

Here is the stack I'll be reading and reviewing this week:

Various volumes of some of my favorite manga:


Tif said...

I have never read manga, but am becoming more open to it since I discovered how much I love graphic novels! What would you recommend as the ONE to start with?!?

Vasilly said...

That's a lot of books! Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds like a great idea! We share a lot of favorite mangas. :D Kare Kano, Fruits Basket, and Naruto are amazing! One of my recent favorites has been Dengeki Daisy, it's so awesome. I hope you enjoy all of your manga!

Orchid said...

Wow, some many awesome titles! Plus there are some that i've never heard of (which I'll be looking up tomorrow).
Looks like you'll have plenty of things to read this week, can't wait to see your reviews for them. ^_^

Karley Walker said...

I wasn't really open to Manga until one of my forum friends invited me to read Vampire Knight. I can now easily say Vampire Knight is in my top 5 favorite books/story lines ever. Matsuri is certainly a VERY talented and gifted artist and author. Im excited for your review on VK and the rest of the manga choices! Good Luck!

Also come check out my new blog! Just getting started, so wish me luck!

Sandy said...

Yay for Manga love! Can't wait to read your reviews :)