Wednesday, January 19, 2011

REVIEW: ENCLAVE by Ann Aguirre

enclave: a portion of territory entirely surrounded by foreign land
Enclave is a perfect title for this Debut title by Ann Aguirre. The College enclave is a society underground. The narrative begins with a voice. A narration by one who up until this point has been nameless, a number in a society where you prove your worth and are given a name. As we witness the ceremony of her naming our heroine is given her name Deuce.
Deuce is a Huntress. The Hunter and Huntress are the protectors and providers of food for the enclave. It is a tightly controlled community where your efforts support the whole not the individual. There are Hunters, Breeders (men and women who create and raise the next generation), and Builders who create the tools and weapons.
Deuce is a very strong character with an unexpected gentleness that you wouldn't expect from the world she lives in. She still has a close knit relationship with two of her childhood friends: Stone a breeder and Thimble a builder. Deuce worries about the future that will draw them further apart and if she will measure up as a Huntress.
When she is paired with the Mysterious partner Fade, who is rumored to have spent a great deal of his life above ground, Deuce is put on a path that will sever her ties with her enclave and lead her to an unknowable  future topside.
I loved everything about this book! It is the first book I've read of Anne's and I am definitely a fan. There are intense action scenes, as we learn more about the life outside the Enclave. As deuce and fade are released from the restrictions of the enclave they find themselves developing a deeper relationship. Fade is more aware of his feeling while for Deuce they are confusing. Hunters aren't allowed to have relationships but those rules no longer apply she finds herself confused and yet drawn to Fade.
I loved putting the clues of this world together while following Deuce on her journey Anne doesn't shy away from the tough nature of a post apocalyptic society. the abuses to women, the gangs. lack of food and water and most terrifying of all the Freaks: a strange hybrid of zombie like creatures that are constantly hungry and are a constant threat to everyone.
There is amazing character development and an unexpected sweetness in this book. I especially like how Ann interweaves parts of the book " The Day Boy and The Night Girl" by George MacDonald. I'm not familiar with the tale but it really resonates with the characters of Deuce and Fade, I'm definitely going to search for it.
I also enjoyed the resolution of this book. though more books are to come I appreciated how the characters reached a definite resolution in this first leg of their journey.




Karen said...

This was such an amazing book. I LOVED it!

ExtremeReader said...

I just received a review copy of this book in the mail today! After reading your review I plan on moving it up on my TBR list! Great Review!!

Tif said...

This one looks good and I love the cover! Adding it to my wish list for sure!