Tuesday, January 25, 2011

REVIEW: I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol 8


Publisher: CMX
Price: 9.99

This is the 8th volume in the shoujo (girls) romance manga. I really enjoy this series Kazuaha is a very fun heroine. she is the oldest sister in a large family who often shows more responsibility and foresight than her parents. She balances High School and home chores with ease but her life is thrown for a loop due to Sugimoto. a 20 something hairdresser who has an enormous crush on Kazuha. The school girl /Adult relationship is often a staple in romance Manga. It's very interesting since in America many would consider  Sugimoto a stalker !
Kazuaha isn't too fond of Sugimoto in the beginning (hence the title)  and to make matters worse her youngest brother adores him. Sugimoto always seems to "accidentally" be in the neighborhood everyday when Kazuaha comes to get her brother and the chance to walk Kazuha home is the highlight of Sugimoto's day.
there romance has slowly blossomed and in this volume things take a dramatic turn. Sugimoto's half brother comes to town bringing a darkness to his heart and a threat to Kazuha. In a tearful scene he breaks up with Kazuha leaving her devastated.
This issue dint have the normal balance of humor and romance but the serious elements really bonded me more to the characters. Sugimoto who is normally goofy and lighthearted really suffers in this volume with the shadows of his past.
Kazuha was also a wonderful revelation in this issue a she comes to understand her true feelings and fight for Sugimoto's love.
Not much action but plenty of angst and sweet romance this issue, one of the hallmarks of a shoujo manga.



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Orchid said...

I have noticed that relationships between a school girl/non school age guy pop up a lot in mangas.
Thanks for the review, it sounds like an interesting read. ^_^