Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: Invincible Iron Man Vol:4

This is the fourth volume of the collected issues of the Invincible Iron Man series. Originally published in issues 20-24, this story arc is called Stark: Disassembled.

After the events in the World's Most Wanted trades I was looking forward to this volume. In order to protect the secret identities of all the registered Superheroes Tony has essentially wiped his mind. Now Thor, Captain America (America's ?), The Black Widow and Dr. Stephan Strange are gathered to watch a message from Tony. It will take all their combined efforts to revive him. Stark has in fact planned for everything, all the component's are assembled the process completed but still no Tony. Stark never counted on what it would take his mental psyche to recover. Now ghosts f his past and a literal "ghostly" villain threaten his life.
Let me preface my thoughts on this book by stating how much I LOVE Matt Fraction. His are the only Marvel books I read right now. What weighs down this trade is the fact that it could have been a brilliant 3 issue story. By making it a 5 issue event the story dragged a lot for me and thus had less emotional impact.

Pepper Potts is also an enigma for me in this trade. Stark previously gifted her with the ultimate non aggressive machine: Rescue. For a man not nearly in touch with his motives or emotions it seemed like the ultimate Love Letter to her. Yet when confronted by the prospect of Tony's return she responds with an surprising bitterness. This may be due to emotional stress but the reaction was strange. Though as the story continues she does discover a valid basis for anger at Tony.
Ahh, Tony. I really enjoyed how Matt displays his intellect in this arc and how he was semi prepared for this eventuality.

The ending was a little lackluster to me and the "Shock" ending leaves a lot of questions on where the story is going next ( well form me at least since I only read the trades)
Salvador Larroca along with D'Armata keep bringing the Awesome art wise. They definitely deserve some recognition for the beautiful flow of their art, especially on the gorgeous covers on these 5 issues.
I'm looking forward to seeing where Fraction is headed next with the series.



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