Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: My Boyfriend Is A Monster

When I requested this book from NETGALLEY I thought I would have to read it online.   I was surprised to discover i could download it on my nook! There were a few snafus with pages but otherwise it was very easy to read. This story takes place in St Petersburg Florida, at St. Petersburg High School. Dicey Bell charges into the science lab and declares that Jack Chen is the father of her baby! Well her egg baby :) I really liked Dicey's character. She is the lone female player on the schools baseball team and has a very forceful personality tempered by sweetness. Jack is a straight A student whose social interactions are limited to his weekly role playing games with friends. As the two work on their parenting project they become close and even skip school together for there first official date. So of course a zombie Apocalypse occurs.

It takes a while for the action to begin this still was an enjoyable tale. The Zombies are frightening and brain hungry and there is a lot of near misses and fight scenes. Dicey's baseball skills turn the tide of a few battles and there is a hilarious scene with an ice cream truck. Janna Gorrissen has a crisp and clean art style. She does a great job with the zombies and the facial expressions of the cast of characters. Evonne has written a fun and enjoyable script, not to many chills but a fun zombie read.


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vvb32 reads said...

ooo, thanks for alerting me to this cute (if zombies can be cute) zombie read! i'm adding to my list.