Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review : Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livigston


While visiting the YA blog verse I kept seeing this beautiful cover on a lot of blogs. I have a great love of Faeries and was interested to see Lesley's take on the Fae world.
Seventeen year old Kelly Winslow has just had the first break in the acting world . She has gotten the role of Titania in a stage production of Midsummer Night's Dream.
While practicing her lines in Central Park she comes across a handsome stranger named Sonny Flannery and is introduced to a mysterious magical world that she is more than just an observer in.
I really enjoyed this book. Kelly is a very smart capable young woman. After her first interaction with Sonny she comes across a horse struggling in a lake. Despite the winter cold she dives into the lake to rescue it. This leads to hilarious results as the horse soon takes up residence in her bathtub!
Livingston really brings the thread of Sonny and Kelly's life together . There is plenty of magic and startling revelations about Kelly's true origins. I really like the chemistry between Kelly and Sonny. Despite his good looks she doesn't easily fall under his attractive spell despite a little interference from a fairy named Bob( really!)
There is a wonderful narrative flow to this book and Livingston has a firm grasp of the fairy traditions and superstitions. A wonderful read. One of the best things about reading this book now is that the two sequels are already out in stores! Ill be snapping them up and stepping back into Kelly and Sonny's world real soon :)


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