Monday, February 14, 2011

Review : Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

There are so many unique things I enjoyed about Bleeding Violet: A bi-racial lead character , A quirky yet passionate romance, and scary, supernatural elements.

Hanna has come to the small town of Portero seeking a mother she never known being guided by the voice of her dead father in her head. The reunion is not what she expected. Her mother Rosalee is extremely unwelcoming. After discovering Hannah is not only bipolar but has also violently attacked her previous guardian , Rosalee demands Hannah leave,

Hanna doesn't budge though and so she makes a deal with her mother. Two Weeks. That's the amount of time she has to fit in and prove she is fit to be a resident of Portero. As the days pass and Hanna finds it difficult to fit in. Portero is a tight knit community and she is a "Transie" newcomer. They expect her to run screaming from town any minute from the creatures that are a constant danger for the weak and unprotected.

The  narrative is lush and evocative of Hannas mental state and her yearning for love. In the town of Portero her diseases actually a strange blessing. She doesn't react to things the same as others. She is a strange combination of innocence and seductress. When she initially draws fellow student and monster hunter Wyatt towards her it is a calculated attempt to fit in. They have a very tempestuous relationship! Wyatt really irritates her until she finds out a secret about him that binds them together. Their romance is funny and passionate.

Hanna begins to relish her time with Wyatt and the adrenaline rush from hunting. A violent argument with Rosalee puts He on the path to revealing a shocking secret about her mother and the town.

Dia captivates you with this novel. You are drawn into the strange world of Portero through Hanna's eyes and reactions. The supernatural element is persistent, terrifying and sometimes humorous. The lures are fascinating creatures, as are the visible and invisible "doors" throughout the town. There is also a magical element that becomes more apparent  and available to Hanna and the other gate keepers of the town.I'm really looking forward to seeing what develops for these characters and this town in the future.

I also want to commend Simon &Schuster for a beautiful cover and for using a cover model that represents the ethnicity of the main character. 


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E.J. Stevens said...

I've had this on my tbr wish list forever, but haven't picked up a copy yet. Now I'm dying to read this. Great review! :)
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