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Review /Interview Cat Adams : Siren Song

I'm so happy to have the writing team of C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp who write as Cat Adams. I was impressed with the first Blood Singer Novel and so I jumped at the  chance to review its sequels : Siren Song and my upcoming review of Demon Song. Thank you Tor Books! So read below to find out more about the authors and then my review of Siren Song:

Celia's Vampire/Siren nature is a unique combo can you tell me the inspiration behind the combination?

We wanted to do something a little different. Very few books have explored sirens, their culture, their abilities, anything. We thought it might be interesting to show both the upside (Hello sailor!) and the downside (ANOTHER jealous woman? Seriously?).

Celia has such a strong narrative voice and personality. What if any influences inspire her creation?
She is herself. That may sound stupid, but when Cie saw the photograph that inspired the series she just "knew" the character, her voice, her quirks and personality. Celia sprang pretty much fully formed, along with the world around her and her friends in one wild burst of inspiration.

I'm always intrigued by writing pairs :) Can you tell me a little about how the two of you work together?

The two of us were friends and worked in the same law office when we first started, so we both felt it was important to have a partnership agreement drawn up in writing for us to refer to. We’ve never regretted it. While partnering creatively is fun, ultimately, this is a business, and you need to treat it as such. So while we have a wonderful time kicking ideas back and forth, we also take it very seriously.

We handle the writing part of the partnership very differently than most. While we will discuss the basic plan for a book (or the series) at length, when the time comes to write one of us will be the "primary" person putting words to paper. The other will take the next pass, doing major revisions. We found that back and forth works much better for us than trying to write simultaneously on the same project or (YIKES!) alternate chapters.

I was so excited to see you were contributing to the anthology Chicks In Capes! Can you tell me anything about your contribution to the book?

Cathy has always been a big comic book fan, so when the opportunity arose she simply couldn’t pass it up! She had a wonderful time, and I think you’ll love Luna and her adventures.

Thank You so much ! Now the review:

The promise shown in Blood Song is fully realised in this sequel. In  Siren Song we find Celia returning from her best friend Vicki's funeral. She is with her psychiatrist and telepath Dr. Scott. Derailed from their destination Celia finds herself fighting a group of kidnappers who have definitely messed with the wrong girl!

Safely back at Birchwoods, an ultra private rehab facility Celia works on balancing her new found Vamp abilities and her Siren nature. She is awaiting a hearing that will determine her freedom, when she is confronted by a member of the Siren Aristocracy. Her presence is required in the Siren court to determine if she will be allowed to live and there is also a pesky battle to the death duel she has to survive, and her boyfriend Bruno De Luca is desperate to talk to her.

WHEW! a LOT going on! Adams however deftly guides you through the various plot threads. I really like Celia. There is a toughness to her that stands up to the challenges she faces.  So much so that her moments of vulnerability really resonate and build a solid relationship with the reader.

The magical elements are still strong in the series. We have more encounters with Vamps, Mage's, ghosts and vicious demons. What I enjoyed most this volume was learning more about the Siren community and Celia's place in it. The action and pain just keeps coming for Celia as she makes new allies and loses some current loves.

A great addition to the series and yet a balanced stand alone read. Adams has such a great grasp of Celia's personality. Her language and narrative voice is taut and realistic.


There is only one misstep for me in this series and that's Celia's love interest Bruno. Though she says he is the "Love of her life" it doesn't  seem to play out  that way in the novels. Celia has such a strong connection with her Grandmother, the ghosts of her best friend and sister and even her dysfunctional relationship with her mother rings true. With Bruno it seems forced, and I'm soooo annoyed with his actions and decisions in this book. I really think that Celia doesn't need a love interest! I know its the norm in most paranormal books to have a romantic interest but I would like Adams to challenge that !There is enough plot and action in this book that a lack of boyfriend wouldn't be missed =) maybe a few flings with some hot guys??? Despite that I really liked this book and I'm ready for Demon Song!


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