Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Love Inc. By Yvonne Collins &Sandy Rideout


Love Inc is a fun YA Novel that also tackles some serious issues in a unique way. Zahra , Kali and Syd are products of households in flux. Their parents are either divorced or separated. The three meet in a group counseling meeting for teens. I enjoyed each of the girls personalities. Zhara the main narrator is dealing with her parents separation as well as the stifling influence of her Muslim Grandparents. Zahra is biracial : part Irish and part Muslim. I enjoyed seeing the portrayal of a biracial character. the authors also did a great job of exploring the Muslim culture while avoiding typical racial stereotypes.

Zahra is a gifted cook and hopes to have her own cooking show.  Kali is a devoted environmentalist and music lover . Syd is a gifted artist and "Mom" to the love of her life Bansky the dog. These three diverse girls probably wouldn't have been so close if it wasn't discovered that they were all dating the same guy! They concoct the perfect revenge in response As word gets out about their skill the girls decide to funnel their heartache into helping others through the founding of Love Inc. Love Inc has a variety of services: matchmaking, mediation during breakups, surveillance and in certain situations Revenge.

 I was very impressed with the character development of the three girls. Their dialogue was crisp an realistic along with some comedic elements. It's commendable that Collins and Rideout were able to juggle the amount of primary and secondary characters  and give them their own unique and memorable style.

The story flowed very well in this book, as we learn more about the girls lives and watch them add clients to their caseload. I'm always intrigued by writing teams. Collins & Rideout have a seamless narrative voice throughout the story. There is a natural chemistry between the girls and their clients.

While working with other couples, their heartache and their joy Zahra , Kali and Syd begin to heal their own bruised hearts and gather the strength to love again.

Some parts of the book lagged a little for me but it had a really fun  ending that very nicely tied up the plot threads. I really liked the overall message of the book and the journeys all of these characters took together.

Well, This wraps up my Romance Spotlight! Hope you guys found some new books to try make sure you enter my contest for a book of choice or a selection of books I've been reviewing this past two weeks. Happy reading!


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