Monday, March 7, 2011

Cover Play 2 The Samaritan



Cover play is a regular feature where I discuss book covers.One's I like, dislike and all those in between! I'd love to hear your thoughts =)


When I was offered the opportunity to review The Samaritan I didn't know much about it. The request included  the cover picture below:


I have to admit this cover didn't really appeal to me. The info about the book did though so I agreed to the review. This book is wonderful and the above cover really reflects the story elements in the novel. Visually though it really doesn't stand out to me.

While talking about the book on twitter I found a couple of other reviews that had this cover displayed:

Of the two I actually prefer this one. I love the sculpted hands. It has a beautiful artistic feel to it I enjoy. The few fingertips separated from the hand is also a key moment in the book but it doesn't represent a lot of the other themes present in the story like the first one.

My reaction really shows how individual perception and preference can  influence whether someone picks a book off of the shelf or not. I would definitely pick up the book with the above cover but probably not the one with the heart on it.

 It's interesting that BLANK SLATE took this route with two different covers, My review copy is a paperback so it's possible that the second illustration was from the hardcover edition. My reactions  taught me that while shopping for "physical" books, I really need to take the time to read the cover blurbs! Luckily the opportunity for review brought this book to my attention. Look for my thoughts on the book March 18th.

So what about you guys ? Which cover do you like best ?



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