Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review; The Poison Eaters by Holly Black



I've had such an interesting reading relationship with Holly Black. With the exception of the Spiderwick Chronicles which she co-wrote I've only read her work through short stories. This collection is a wonderful representation of all of Holly's writing skills. From Horror to Fantasy, Unicorns, Faeries and everything in between this is a wonderful showcase of all the dark and secretive places she likes to explore in her stories. This book really got me in the mood to read more of her work. Thankfully I have White Cat and Red Glove sitting on my shelves waiting to draw me in. Here are some of my favorite stories from this anthology:

Coldest Girl in Cold Town

A young girl who is trying to ride out the 80 days of intense pain and thirst that comes with her vampire bite risks it all to save a friend and someone she loves. Holly brings back the vicious , merciless Vampires as we learn about the dark pleasures and pain available in a town of vamps left to their own devices.

The Dog King

A kingdom surrounded by secrets begins to experience an attack of their children by a wolf. the identity of the murder is strongly tied to the throne and the Kings own pet wolf. A wonderful blend of fantasy and werewolves.

Going Ironside

 Faeries view of our world with its pleasures and dangers. there are a few Fae stories in this anthology and Holly adds a wonderful beauty and maliciousness to the Fae races

The Poison Eaters

A young girl being used as a weapon. She is hovering somewhere between life and death. She is poison and everything she touches withers and dies. The last and best story in this anthology kept me on the edge, really good.

A very balanced and enjoyable anthology, check it out!
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