Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review : Richer by Jean Blasiar


How many teens have their poetry adapted to music by today’s rock star? Every teen’s dream, but actually a nightmare for Rich Cameron. Despite his mother’s divorce, another broken home, his friend’s ruined Olympic dreams and his own major health complication, it’s a very interesting year for U2’s favorite genius.
Just as his life started to make sense again, Rich receives a letter from his former au pair, leading to revelations that set the tone for an unforgettable year. The mysteries, pains and ecstasy of love will force Rich and his family to redefine what is 'normal' all over again, in this funny, touching, and thrilling new chapter in the life of Rich Cameron and his constant companion, U2.

I was drawn to accept the review request because the main character was a teen boy. I really enjoy YA books with male leads. Its such a different perspective. Rich Cameron is a very unique character that I'm sure a lot of teens will resonate with. I hadn't realised this book was a sequel but I was able to follow along with the story.
Rich's life has developed into a semi-regular pattern. He lives with his mother and his step dad and also spends time with his dad and his partner Brian. Rich also is seeing a therapist to deal with his anxiety and his new family unit. Still reeling over the loss of his friendship and romantic feelings for Gia and Au pair Rich is thinking he will have a pretty desolate summer. Then he meets the lovely Amy Carter a young schoolmate and figure skater who seems willing to build a friendship with him.
Rich also gets a cryptic note from Gia that leads him to some startling information about who she was.This book was really enjoyable . Rich's narrative voice reflects that of an intelligent young man who isn't always confident in his verbal encounters. It is in his journals and writing that the fragility and beauty of Rich's life and personality emerge. Whether its exploring his own emotions and attraction to Amy to his friendship with Huey, Rich feels deeply for those around him almost to the detriment of his emotions and health.
Several events shake the foundation of Rich's world in this volume: his mothers divorce. the publication of some of his writing, relocation and serious health problems
  What survives thru this is a family full of love and support even if it's a non traditional one.
Rich's Parrot U2 is also a fun character in the book often responding to Rich's moods and speaking interesting phrases. I think teens could really benefit from some of the difficult themes discussed in the book as well as enjoying a good read.


Alison said...

This sounds like an interesting book about life. Like you, it's nice to read books with boy main characters.


thanks for the comment :) this is a grat book Im glad I came across it.

blasiar said...

Thank you for that great review. This is a sequel to "Poor Rich" which I think you might also enjoy.
I would be happy to send you a copy.
Thanks again,
Jean Blasiar