Friday, March 25, 2011

Review: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough



Joanie's ex-husband is having a baby with his new girlfriend. Joanie won't be having more babies, since she's decided never to have sex again.

But she still has her teenaged daughter Caroline to care for. And thanks to the recession, her elderly mother Ivy as well. Her daughter can't seem to exist without texting, and her mother brags about "goggling,"-while Joanie, back in the workforce, is still trying to figure out her office computer. And how to fend off the advances of her coworker Bruce.

Joanie, Caroline, and Ivy are stuck under the same roof, and it isn't easy. But sometimes they surprise each other-and themselves. And through their differences they learn that it is possible to undo the mistakes of the past. GoodReads


 I was really intrigued by the concept of three generations of women living and learning together.The narrative was sharp and often funny but the problem was I felt that all the characters were stereotypes. Joanie plays the angry ex-wife to perfection. Her anger and resentment are so strong she can't really even bring herself to date. Caroline is a bright girl but she too falls into the typical role of distant text obsessed teen. I was most intrigued with Ivy she seemed the most calm and reflected and her storyline takes and interesting turn.

All of the women have valid reasons for their emotions but I kept waiting for some progress from them. Ivy has the most interesting journey but the other characters just seemed to stay stagnant.

Joanie is forced to interact with her ex's new fiance when she has a medical scare but there isn't really any growth during their interactions and I didn't feel the book had a firm resolution for any of the characters.

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