Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spotlight ON: Orbit Short Fiction


ORBIT is one of my favorite publishers. So I was really excited to get their e-mail about their new venture: short fiction. Short Fiction is a series of short stories that will be available in an e-book format. Here are a sample of the stories being released in April:

Apocalypse Scenario 683 The Box

This story by Mira Grant is about a group of friends who meet regularly to talk theories of world destruction. Now one of their members is missing and the stakes in their game just got higher.

I really love Mira Grant and this story will help me get my "Grant Fix" while I wait for Deadline to be released :)

The Legionnaires
I'm not familiar with this author but the story sounds great: A young woman joins the French Foreign Legion and finds herself stranded with her team as they become surrounded by strange creatures out for their blood!

Violet Tendencies & Scouting Jasmine
I don't know if Id get these two since I don't read the series these stories are set in, but I'm sure fans of these authors would enjoy them.

I think this is a great idea! E-novella's by authors like Rachel Vincent, Melissa Marr and others have been really popular lately and a great way for authors to give the back story on characters or even introduce new situations into existing series books. I hope more Orbit authors join this line. No listing as yet on how much these e-stories will cost but I'm sure they will be reasonable priced. Visit the orbit site to sign up for an email list that will catch you up on the short stories line.



Vasilly said...

Thanks for letting us know about Orbit. I hadn't heard of them before. The story by Mira Grant sound interesting!


Orbit is great I hope you check out the site :)

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