Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: Animal Stories Daddy Told Us by Innocent Emechete

This is a wonderful anthology of stories that had been passed down for years in Africa orally. What i liked most about these stories is how despite the different country and time frame these stories have the same moral lessons as tales like Aesop's Fables. There is also some fun action and humor.

Mazi Mbe a turtle is the star of many of these tales. He is crafty, a trickster who tries to get everything free or with little effort. Its amazing how he uses his significant intellect to trick his neighbors and even sometimes the king! He make all the stores he is in more enjoyable.

I also enjoyed The Big three. A group of walking and talking trees who are always plotting petty thefts and crimes.All of the stories teach lessons on respect and moral behavior. The artist Theo Nwaodu illustrates these stories in a simplistic and vibrant way. I especially enjoyed seeing the animals in traditional African garb. There isn't one human in these stories but the art really gives the animals human mannerisms.A very enjoyable read. There are also great discussion questions after each story as well as a glossary of terms.



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