Monday, April 25, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Warm Bodies WINNER



What is it that sparks us the most? In life decisions and destinies are made in response to a variety of stimuli: A job. A dream. A boy. A girl. They stimulate us to take risks, to succumb to fear, and push us on the greatest adventure of all. Life.

What of death though? do our opportunities for change end? This is what Isaac Marion explores in this wonderful novel. I'll admit that when the review request came in for this book I was hooked at the mention of zombies! This book is so much more than that. there is a sweetness along with an examination of the essence of life and love that really caught me by surprise.

The narration of this story is told through "R's" eyes. He is dead. A zombie inhabiting an airport with a group of his kind. these Undead have a natural rhythm and even a hierarchy to their life. They hunt,they have a unique quasi religion, and they are kept in their mind set by the strange,throbbing hum of the boney's : zombies so old that they are mostly bone.

R is different from his brethren, he collects artifacts from the past and feels vague stirrings of discontent. On a hunting trip R attacks and kills a young man named Perry. As Perry's blood fills him R experiences a floodgate images . All around Perry's brief life and many focused on the screaming girl huddled in the corner, Julie . His hunger sated R reacts to these knew feelings in an unexpected way. He protects Julie. Brings her to his home and begins to change. As more and more of Perry's memories take residence inside him R a shift begins, a new virus is created. An infection that will breath life into R's heart and mind. An infection that begins to spread.

Julie, the other half of this tale  is a wonderful character! A young girl growing up in a harsh , zombiefied world. Haunted by her mothers death, her fathers desire for control and mourning the death of Perry, she still remains open to the feelings R stirs in her, not knowing that he is the cause of Perry's death. Marion gives us such a clear picture of who Julie is. The different facets of her personality through two men who love her.

The best part of this book is the combination of R's inner narrative voice and the growing vocabulary that he attains through out the book. There were also many unexpected twists and turns in the story as well.  I really connected with the them and the characters. Zombie fans will find the  traditional action scenes they love but the experience of this book will change the way you look at zombies for ever. So many great things about this book that stay with me. I also loved the wonderful anatomical illustrations that precede every chapter.

Though I personally don't have anything against Stephanie Meyer I'm a little concerned that her endorsement might make potential readers think of this book as "twilight with zombies". It isn't! I agree fully with her endorsement though :)

Thanks to Atria Books and Simon & Schuster I have one copy of Warm Bodies to giveaway!


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Kate said...

You know, I wouldn't worry about the Stephenie Meyer's endorsement- my first exposure to Hunger Games was from a endorsement on Meyer's site before the first book came out. And I'm sure reading reviews like yours will help Warm Bodies get it's word out. There's a lot of us zombie lovers out there!

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Gah, I'm always reluctant to read a book if Stephanie Meyer recommends it. Still, I've heard nothing but great things about this one. I'd love to read it.


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This really sounds super interesting...I'm just going to ignore the whole Stephenie Meyer part. Anyway, I would love to win!


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Don't enter me just wanted to say I'm glad you liked the book - I thought it was great and very original :)