Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Tumford The Terrible by Nancy Tilman

One of the great things about my decision to review fiction books of all genres is that I get offered the most interesting reads, including Children's Books! I really enjoy Children's books they bring back wonderful memories of my early days at libraries and my mother reading to me every night. So for the next couple of days I'm going to be reviewing some really great books. Their themes vary but they are all educational and fun. Lets get started!


 Tumford  is everything I love about Children's Books! The story is told in a rhyming format and has a wonderful message for kids (and Adults too!) Tumford gets into a variety of troubles: pulling food off the kitchen table, trampling through the garden in his cute yellow boots, traipsing through paint.
After every CATastrophe (how could I resist?) Tumford runs and hides. He's not really ashamed he's just avoiding the S word. Despite his manners Tumford doesn't like to say I'm Sorry. Violet and Georgy Stoutt still love him though. However when a major fair comes to town they make Tumford promise that if anything goes wrong he will apologise. Tumford agrees, but after an incident with a plate of fish and the fair Queen Tumford once again hides.


This time however he remembers his promise and makes a very Adult like decision: He apologizes! Such a sweet message and gorgeous illustrations. I Ooo'd and Aaah'd through all of Nancy's cute illustration's. She really captures the essence of a cat's personality and ads great movement and energy to every drawing. Such a great book!

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Karen said...

OMG - How cute! I love children's books even though I don't have any :-)) (kids that is)