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Due to its similarity with the phrase: May the Force Be With You Star Wars fans have made today an unofficial celebration of all things Star Wars. So I thought this would be a perfect day to review the Star Wars Craft Book and host a giveaway.

Star Wars has been a huge part of my life every since I saw Episode 4 as a youngling :) When I joined Twitter last year I was happy to find a large Star Wars fan base. Through the TWITTER feed @StarWars I discovered @bonniegrrl aka Bonnie Burton. Through Bonnie's tweets I discovered she was developing a book incorporating her craft activities.

Let me start out by confessing that I'm not a very proficient crafts person. I'm the girl who struggled with sugar cube igloos  in grade school (mostly because I ate most of the materials !)  and lost quiet a few pieces (and some hair) while making a Millennium Falcon model. So I was a little concerned. As a few pages of  the crafts made their debut on the web I felt a little more confident.

This book is marvelous! Wonderful illustrations and excellent directions. Bonnie's love for Star Wars and crafting is evident in every page.

The crafts range from simple to moderately advanced. With great chapters like: Playtime, Home Decor, Holiday Crafts, Nature and Science Crafts and Star Wars style its easy to pick what type of craft you are interested in. Being a Massage Therapist I was immediately drawn to the Yoda eye pillow. After a trip to target for Star Wars T-shirts (found great deals in the boy's clearance section), and a quick trip to Michael's I had everything I needed:

The directions were very easy to follow and I really enjoyed the experience. What was most interesting was how relaxing the whole experience was. I turned off the TV played some music and really enjoyed the process. We move so fast in this world. Crafting creates a time and space where you can slow down and tap into your creative side. I'm not the best sewer in the world  but I really enjoyed making my awkward stitches! I retraced my steps a couple of times and now have a strong desire to take sewing lessons and by a profession machine. Here is my final result:

I'm so proud of my little pillow!!! Yoda's  definitely series about protecting my
relaxation time ;)

Now For The Contest

One lucky person will  get a copy of Bonnie's book

Tell me about your favorite Star Wars Memory

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debbie said...

I remember watching the ewoks, and thinking how cute they were.

Tiffany Drew said...

My husband's family revolves around Star Wars. There is not a day that goes by that it is not referenced in some way. My favorite Star Wars memory is when my daughter was four, she knew everything there was to know about Star Wars. She would quiz anyone she saw. If you asked her anything about it, she could tell you the right answer. It was adorable :)


SarahSparrow said...

Hmmm, a favorite? How do you choose a favorite out of 14 years of Star Wars geekery? I guess I'll go with being at the midnight premiere for Episode 3. Nothing like a few hours waiting in line with people who can talk about Star Wars all night without getting sick of it.

Thanks for the giveaway!

captainsarahsparrow at hotmail dot com

Lynn said...

Waiting in line to see George Lucas at Celebration III and V. So awesome to see him with Jon Stewart.


Zen_Sorcere said...

One of the earliest memories in my brain is seeing Luke and Leia on the movie screen, looking between my parents heads from the backseat of the car. Saw Star Wars at the drive-in when I was 3. Rather proud that is the earliest memory I have. :)

zen_sorcere at hotmail(dot)com

Drew said...

I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back at the Drive-In with my parents and my best friend, in our old station wagon. Sleeping bags all laid out in the back, popcorn and Star Wars, doesnt get any better. We still have a drive in here in Langley and I look forward to taking my son when they rerelease them in theatres.
May the 4th be with you!

Amy said...

My favorite Star Wars memory is seeing it the very first time with my sister & cousins in the summer of 1977. Really, as soon as Vader showed up, we had a collective "OH MY GAWD WHAT IS THIS AMAZING-NESS?!" reaction.

Becky said...

In kindergarten I got the chicken pox and had to stay home from school, and my dad stayed home with me. To keep me distracted from the itches we watched the original Star Wars trilogy together. I remember getting really scared of the Rancor, and to diffuse my rears my dad started calling it "The Sticky Monster" and still to this day, (20 years later) the name still sticks as I share the movies with my nieces and nephews!
Lifewithoutwhimsy at hotmail dot com

T.J. said...

The Star Wars memory that I share most (so by default my fave) is being in line at my local theater in the Summer of 1977.

My sister (6) and I (11) had bought our tickets for the show a couple hours earlier, and we were like 14th and 15th in line.

At one point, I walked down to the corner of the building to look at the rest of the line.....there must have been 200 people in line behind me.

Even now, I can still see that line in my mind's eye.

Seph said...
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Jo Llama said...

My favorite memory is of me at 11 years old and my little brother at 9, after my dad bought us the movies on VHS. We dragged up the player to his room, propped up a makeshift fort, armed ourselves with snacks and sat and watched all of them in order. We agreed back then Han was the coolest. That hasn't changed one bit.


Dreaming Fey said...

I think my favorite Star Wars memory is going to the theater to see Return of the Jedi when it first came out. I was 5, and my dad took my younger brother and I. The theater had flip down seats and my brother and I were both so small that the seats kept closing with us in them. So my dad put us in a seat together so our combined weight could keep it open. We have both been big Star Wars fans ever since.


Diana said...

My favorite Star Wars memory is when Darth Vader said to Luke that he was his father. I really like Leia's hairstyle.
Thanks for the giveaway!!!

artgiote at gmail dot com

Totz the Plaid said...

At my high school the band would always perform at commencements, and as we were always short on low brass, I'd volunteer. As the final piece, we'd perform "Coronation March", a re-arrangement of "The Throne Room" from Episode IV.

When the time came for my graduation, and they started that song, it was the most intense, epic feeling. I'd just completed four years of education, but it felt like I'd saved the world.

Totz the Plaid said...

Gah! Forgot to include my e-mail address in with my comment.

Jwing said...

Mine would be introducing my daughter to Star Wars and her naming her pet rat Princess Leia

Chris Short said...

My mom worked 3 jobs to support my brothers and I. I used to watch them at nights and put them to bed. We would use the couch cushions and sheets to build a fort with around the TV. We'd lay there and watch Star Wars over and over. It was good times and always helped them to go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

a child of the seventies,living in Wales I was about 4 when Star Wars came out.

I'd got a C3P0 from a party at my mums work and the whole family were going to the cinema to go see Star Wars. It was sold out. So we watched Logan's Run instead (due to SW's success they filled the cinema with any old SciFi movies).

We went again a few weeks later on a sunday but this time Mum stayed behind to cook sunday roast and I spent the entire time watching star wars loving it but wishing my mum was there.

Took her to see the re-releases when they came out to make up for it. Now have 2 boys myself and Star Wars is a big part of their lives.


beep said...

I was five and had waited in line an hour with my aunt and her boyfriend to see IV, I sat and drank orange soda. When we finally got into the movie they started making out, it was such a waste to go and kiss I thought. I remember the theater getting dark and the theme song playing, and I leaned over and made them stop kissing to read me the intro.

Erica Ziebarth

Jedimom said...

My whole life has been about Star Wars! I saw the films in the theatre, and saw "A New Hope" before it was even called that! I wanted toys as a kid, but since i was a girl, I never received them. The fact that I have my own collection now gives me great pleasure, as has the fact that I introduced my son to Star Wars at an early age and now he costumes along with me. There is nothing wrong about loving Star Wars. It has been my escape since my husband has a chronic autoimmune disease. It allows me to get out and have fun and interact with others and enjoy life.

Lucky's Luna said...
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Lucky's Luna said...

My favorite Star Wars related moment is when my boyfriend of two years now, gave me his first gift to me, a custom lightsaber he handcrafted for me! <3 I have been fighting the Dark Side with him ever since!

Jessica Chiou


You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful stories!

May The Fourth Be With You!

Wanda said...

My favourite memory is the anticipation of seeing the very first movie soooo many years ago and then being spellbound throughout the movie. I've enjoyed every movie since!

throuthehaze said...

When I was 3 or 4 my babysitter had the Ewok village set. It was my absolute favorite thing to play with and I always looked forward to being dropped off at the babysitter's house. That is my favorite Star Wars memory :)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Jolene and Family said...

I never really paid attention to Star Wars. I knew what is was but never cared for it and Hello!!! I obviously didn't know what I was missing out on. Until my oldest turned 6 and discovered Star Wars all by himself and the world of Star Wars opened up to us. He just had to have the movies, so we went about buying the movies one at a time and not only was he loving it but it was fun for me as well as I was watching it for the first time. I now live and breathe Star Wars with my son and my middle son and daughter also are Star Wars fans so I can't go anywhere without being on the look out for star wars, jackets, lunch boxes, pez, clocks, name it :)


Sophia said...

Oh goodness, my little brother was absolutely obsessed with Star Wars! Every time he got some spending money he'd drag us all out to the nearest toy store and buy a new Star Wars Lego set! I think one of my fondest memories was when I helped him record his first ever Youtube video about his Star Wars Lego set. We actually bonded lol.

sophiayunjin at gmail dot com