Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Lost &Found by Shaun Tan



Publisher: Scholastic
Release Date: 4/11

I wasn't familiar with Shaun's work before I got this graphic Novel but I'm definitely a fan now. The first story in this volume is called:

                                             The Red Tree


The red tree is a gorgeously illustrated story. It has a beautiful message about falling into heavy emotions when surrounded by difficult circumstances. We follow a young girl who awakens to find a difficult day ahead of her. Tan's art beautifully describes this environment with several sentences surrounding each picture. I was really touched by this story. It was beautifully illustrated and emotionally poignant.


The Lost Thing was an Academy Award Winning animated short this year! This a version of that tale in illustrated form. The lost thing questions the usefulness of possessions. A young man discovers the "thing" and takes responsibility for it. He brings it home where it awkwardly takes up space . The man then begins a journey to find out where the thing can fit in. This is another beautifully illustrated story. I spent a great deal of time just staring in awe at all the illustrations. i loved the ending and look forward to seeing the animated version of this story,


Shaun Tan came up with the idea for this story from a biography he read about the Indian warrior Tecumseh.There is a combination of sadness and sharp beauty in this tale. It is about the coming of the Rabbits into a peaceful inhabited country. The Rabbits bring there own customs and machinery. As more and more of them come they expand their boundaries claiming the best land and fields, Poisoning the waters and changing the children of the indigenous population. A dark story truthful tale surrounded by more of Tan's stunning art. this volume is more suited to teens or adults  but I think many children would enjoy the story  The Lost Thing as a read along with their parents.

Shaun Tan is an Author and Artist that I will definitely read again in the future
Thanks to SCHOLASTIC for the opportunity to Review this book.



Bryon said...

The Land of the Lost meets Jurassic Park is what I would call this movie. Big Boy was an iconic figure they included in the movie which most people hadn’t seen since Austin Powers. I assume they used CGI for a lot of this movie magic. I am so glad that I was able to catch this movie on my guide because I recorded it on my DISH Network employee DVR then when I had time to kill at the airport today because I was able to watch on my laptop with the use of my Sling adapter. So sweet because I hate just sitting around when I could be “entertained.”

Vasilly said...

I was so glad to hear you enjoyed this! I love Shaun Tan's work and this book is a great addition.