Friday, May 13, 2011

Review wicked Lovely Desert Tales Manga vol 1+2





I'm really liking the newest trend of established series being either adapted into Manga and Comic books or authors telling separate tales in a Manga format. I have Melissa's first book Wicked lovely but I haven't read it yet. I got these two volumes in a book trade and found them enjoyable. These volumes focus on Rika a former mortal now imbued with faerie powers through her interaction with a Faerie called Keenan. Rika is purposely living in isolation trying to avoid the Faeries politics. The faeries wont leave her alone though as they attack a human called Jayce that she has been watching for some time. She reveals herself in order to rescue him and the two become romantically involved. Her isolation is further threatened by the reappearance of Keenan telling her she needs to choose fealty to a kingdom.


In the second volume Rika continues her romance with Jayce but also gets drawn into care taking for Shy a local faerie. Soon Rika is embracing her powers and her strength to take her place in the Faerie political world,


Both volumes were very interesting. I love the art by Xian NU Studio's . All the characters are rendered beautifully. I might have had more of a connection to the character's and situations as a whole if I had red Melissa Marr's books. Still fans of the Wicked Lovely series will enjoy these Manga.




Sandy said...

You have to read the books in the series, they're really great ^_^ but the only characters in the manga that are actually in the novels are Keenan and Donia so you don't HAVE to read them, but you should xD.


I have the firat one, Im looking forward to it. thanks for the comment :)