Thursday, May 19, 2011

SHORT STORY SPOTLIGHT:The Legionnaires by T.C. McCarthy

Over the next few days I'll be spotlighting some great short stories in E-book Format. Let's get started!

PRICE: 1.99

A while ago I did a piece on ORBIT books short fiction launch. I think this was a great idea and a great way for fans to have content from their favorite authors between novels and a great way to discover new writers as well. One of the first e-books I purchased was T.C. McCarthy's The Legionnaires.

This story had several elements that made it an instant buy for me:

A strong female lead
Science Fiction Elements 
Action and Adventure

The story focuses on Rebecca Matthews. Though in the beginning chapter we find her in action with her fellow female legionnaires. They have been shipped to a mining planet and are in a fierce battle with the Mante's, viscous insects that have destroyed the town and are now gunning for Rebecca and her team and the group of young children in their care.

This story really draws you in. From the action scenes to Rebecca's flashbacks to her training on the planet Nimes Lointain. A 35 year old widow Rebecca funnels her pain into the Legion training earning through blood and pain the trust of her fellow female legionnaires and the respectful title Grandmother.

McCarthy's experience with military life and terminology is evident in this story. What shines in his writing though  is Grandmother. McCarthy's writing  makes the story emotionally accessible to the reader.I really enjoyed the military prospective through a female s point of view. I also enjoyed Grandmother's journey. Short stories can be difficult to pull off but McCarthy really connects the reader to the action and the characters. The change of perspective to Rebecca's training and her current mission reinforce your connection to her and what she is experiencing. Combine that with a satisfying action packed ending and you have an enjoyable reading experience. :) This E-book also has a great author profile and an excerpt from T.C.'s novel Germline.

A Great Read. I'm looking forward to reading Germline.


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