Sunday, June 26, 2011

REVIEW: Horton Halfpott



Horton Halfpott is a fun middle grade read focused around the Luggertuck family at Smugwick Manor. When Lady Luggertuck decides to keep her corset looser one morning the energy of the whole household shifts. Soon the Lady is agreeing to host a party for a lovesick relative. Workers begin slacking off, servants hold hands and young Horton is sent on an errand where he ends up meeting a very cute and  sensible heiress named Celia. Than a rash of robberies turn stable boys into detectives and threatens Horton's job and his freedom! Oh yes and there are Pirates! Shipless Pirates but still daunting.


I really like Tom's narration of the Novel. There are a lot of madcap adventures and a little sweet romance. Everything is wrapped up neatly and  satisfactorily. A great all ages read.
Thanks to AMULET for the opportunity to review this book



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Sounds like a great book