Thursday, June 23, 2011


Terry Moore is one of my favorite Author/Writer who I've yet to meet I really hope to rectify that at this year's SDCC :)

Strangers in Paradise is truly a Graphic Novel. There is no spandex but many a hero. No crime fighting but rather battling the dark and beautiful aspects of being human and seeking love. The story centers around Katchoo and Francine. they are best friends and roommates. Francine is in a questionable relationship and Katchoo lives her life solitary wrestling with the fact that the person she loves the most is inaccessible to her: Francine.

Then David enters the girls life. He is a little shy, gentle and adamant in pursuing Katchoo. Over a period of several months he inserts himself into their lives and in some aspects their heart.

Now Francine finds herself feeling jealous and confused and wondering what limits can she go to the love of Katchoo. Secrets of Katchoo's past also appear and force her to leave Francine and David.

This story is wonderful on so many levels. Readers will find many aspects of themselves in these characters. It is also a beautiful exploration of love. To call either Francine or Katchoo lesbians is missing the point entirely. The are perfect complements to each other and in love. The kind of love that inspires fear, courage, pain and joy. It is a genderless love and scary as hell to both of them. I found myself drawn to them  and rooting for them to get together despite the pain and fear that threatens to keep them apart. A wonderful volume I'm excited to read the entire series.



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