Sunday, July 3, 2011



I've been having a great time reading manga. So far I've read (11) UPDATE: 30!!volumes:
Now I'm In The Home Stretch! 8 Volumes of Naruto then I'm done!
Here is my READ LIST
Tsubasa 9-12
Bleach 15-22 
Someday Dreamers Spellbound 2-5
Kare Kano 12 +13, 14-18, 20 + 21(series end)
Vampire Game 14 +15 (series ended)
Her Majesty's Dog 8-11 (series ended)
Hellsing 7
Fruit Baskets 17
My  goal for today is 10 manga if I can pull my self away from the Twilight Zone Marathon :)

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A Backwards Story said...

I need to re-read FRUITS BASKET someday soon. It's been too long :)

I need to catch up on my Tanemura Arina, too!