Saturday, July 2, 2011


On my wishlist is hosted by the lovely Book Chick City  This weekend I'm reading Manga and watching tons of Anime, so I thought Id share some manga I'm looking forward to reading.

Saturn apartments is about a group of Earth refugees who still bring with them the bias of class to their new home. I've heard such positive buzz about this series so I'm looking forward to getting this series.

This looks like a cute Romance series. In Japan Manga and Anime fans call them are referred to as  Otaku and are primarily men. In this series it's the Girl who is the Anime fan in fact a quite shocking type of series. Her boyfriend accepts her interests but the road to romance is a little rocky . I love the thought of a geek girl getting some attention, look forward to getting these

So what are you guys wishing for? 

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samantha.1020 said...

I've yet to read any manga but I would like to try it at some point. I hope that you get the chance to read these soon :)