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The once upon a read-a-thon is being hosted by READING ANGEL and her affiliates. It runs from 12:01 midnight EST Monday til Wednesday 11:59 PM EST. So I started last night at 9:10 my time and here is what I've finished so far:

UPDATE THE END:  Not much reading today . I did finish:

7) Steve Niles book of nastiness

I also read 40 pages of Lily of the Nile ,. No mini challenges today but still 7 books is a good thing :) Had a blast!

Really productive reading day today!:4 books bringing my total to 6. I'm going to finish my 7th tonight :)
here are the titles

1)FINDER Library:330 pages
The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff: 343 pages
3) Mind Over Monsters by Jennifer Harlow
4) Scarlett Dedd by Cathy Brett
5) The youngest Templar : Trail of Fate by Michael Spradlin
6) 30 Days of night three tales by Steve Niles
Today I'm doing one challenge from YA BLISS She wants to know our top three love triangles from books:
1) Peeta, Gale and Kantiss from the Hunger Games. This triangle kept me guessing til the end but I was happy with the turnout.
2) Harry Potter, Cho and Jenny. After The third book I told my best friend "Harry belongs with Jenny" she disagreed but we all know how that ended. I'll still never forgive Cho for being Harry's first kiss!
3) Blood and Chocolate is a wonderful book by Anette Curtis Klause. She was way ahead of her time with this YA novel about Vivian a werewolf in love with the human Aiden yet strangely drawn to her pack leader Gabriel/. A great read if you haven't heard of it and everything is wrapped up in one book!
Hope you readers are doing well! Kai.
My First Mini-Challenge is from IBBOOKBLOGGING


She has two questions:
1) What is your favorite type of myth?
I'd say the Celtic Myths. I love their pantheon of Goddesses and the mysterious Druids
2) What is your favorite book with some kind of Mythology in It?
Definitely the Tristan and Isolde Trilogy by Rosalind Miles. It's full of Arthur , Merlin and The Lady of the lake references as well as a gorgeous love story.
Happy Reading


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