Thursday, July 21, 2011

REVIEW: CHESTER 5000 by Jess Fink

I don't know if Jess Fink will be at SDCC yet but I will be spending a lot of  time visiting independent and small press comic companies at the convention. I love superheroes books, but have always enjoyed independent publishers. It's wonderful to read graphic novels more adult in nature. Though I don't read a lot of erotica I love to have my reading boundaries expanded even if I come across something that isn't quite my cup of tea! I was wonderfully suprised with Chester:



I love the Steampunk Genre. For those not familiar with Steampunk it primarily takes place in an alternate Victorian time period predominantly in England. So when I saw this gorgeous cover art I was really intrigued.
Labeled an erotic, robotic Victorian romance and shrink wrapped (rightfully so!) I didn't know what to expect from the book . I found it strikingly illustrated black and white with wonderful shading, and surprisingly dialogue free.
OK. In respect to all ages that visit my blog let me just say that this is an ADULT BOOK. There is nudity and graphic sexual situations. What stood out for me though was the gorgeous art and  Jess's ability to tell a story through the emotion of the characters thoughts and feelings through facial expressions. Newlywed Pricilla is very enthusiastic to experience conjugal bliss. Her husband Robert however is obsessed with work and his inventions. Seeking a solution Robert designs the Chester 5000 robot for Pricilla, as a means to satisfy her desires and free him up for his important work.
Pricilla is not sure about Chester. She feels she is betraying her husband. But as Robert continues to ignore her loneliness leads her to Chester and an unexpected love.
Jess Fink is a wonderfully talented artist. She creates an atmospheric that draws you into the story she is telling. She also draws beautiful examples of the human form. This book may not be for everyone but Jess is a definite talent in the graphic novel field I would definitely pick up more books from her.



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