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Ah Fairy Tales! To many women they were a staple of our girlhood, the source of many of  our romantic dreams  and expectations. There is still something intrinsically attractive in them for young girls. Lucky for me my mother was partial to the Brothers Grimm as opposed to the Disney versions in my bedtime reading. So my Princesses were a bit craftier, and used smarts as well as quick thinking to outwit those pesky evil step mothers and villainous henchman.

With Princeless we get all the wonderful essences of a classic fairytale with  a delightful twist. Princess Adrienne has heard the stories a million times: beautiful princess, tall, foreboding tower guarded by a fearsome dragon, a parade of young princes risking their lives for a chance to rescue and romance the lovely princess.

 However she can't blindly accept this situation.

She questions the whole process and yet upon her 16th birthday she finds herself in the same predicament. Adrienne however is not content to wait idly by for a rescuer. Finding a sword in her tower room she convinces her guardian Dragon Sparky to join her on a noble quest: rescue other  Princesses trapped in similar tower's starting with her sisters!

I really loved this issue. The story moves at a great pace showing us Adrienne's formative years and her wonderful questing nature to her choice to break out of the stereotypical Princess role. Goodwin, Belton and Kim so a wonderful job on the art. It is crisp and colorful. I was overjoyed to discover Adrienne was a racially diverse character.

 The art team does a great job with her. She is very realistically drawn and even little touches like the texture of her hair are drawn wonderfully. This book is suitable for all ages and a wonderful book to share with your children or enjoy on your own. I loved the themes of independence and being your own "Prince". It takes a very talented team to produce an enjoyable read, along with subtly introducing themes of self reliance and independence. I'm so excited to see where Adrienne's adventures take her.

This book will be Released in October . For those not familiar with Comic book Shops check out PREVIEWS enter your zip code in the store locator's box and find a comic shop near you :)



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