Friday, July 29, 2011


Shadow Walkers is an interesting middle grade read with a young male protagonist who uses the power of Astral Projection to find his kidnapped younger brother. There are a lot of diverse elements in this book. Along with the concept of Astral projection the main character Zack is also Gay. The supernatural elements were interesting and added a twist to the narrative. After being grounded from all technologies Zack finds a dogeared book on how to Astrally project.

When Gilbert turns up missing Zack unsuccessfully tries out the techniques. Visiting the local new age shop however he is given a special incense that helps him succeed. In his search he meets a fellow "walker" Emory to whom he is immediately attracted to.

I loved the action in this book and the diverse characters. Parents that want to explore diverse character's with their children or LGTG readers will enjoy this example of their community. Their isn't any overt sexuality in the book but an honest exploration of feelings between the two. A really enjoyable read.



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