Saturday, July 23, 2011

REVIEW: Token by Kwitney & Jones

Women have really become a force in popular culture events.I attribute that mostly to them all connecting through social media as well as teens being drawn into the comic book world through Manga. though this book I'm reviewing is from the now defunct Minx line there are still a variety of graphic novels that  can really engage women and teens of all ages. Take a visit to your books stores growing YA isle and you will find a lot of your favorite novels taking a dip into the Manga/ Graphic novel world.

Token is a wonderful example of contemporary themes in a comic book format. From the short lived Minx comics imprint Token deals with a lot of themes young girls deal with: self esteem, sexuality, parental issues and feelings of entrapment. 15 year old  Shira Spektor lives with her father in Miamis South Beach in 1987. Shira doesn't fit in with tens of her own age in fact her closest friends are to 80+ year olds. Then in a moment of impulse Shira steals a ring from a store and begins a relationship with a Spanish bad boy Raphael. Theft allows her to escape from her loneliness and the growing relationship between her father and his secretary. Joelle Jones is a wonderful artist. Her use of black and white and shading gives life to the kinetic energy of Miami as well as the time period. A great read and a great introduction to graphic novels for young girls.


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