Monday, July 25, 2011



When Vintage Connor came to me as a review request I was really intrigued though it wasnt a genre that I usually read. At it's heart this book is a mystery story and I've been wanting to up my books read for my Mystery challenge :) There are also some other great elements :Classic Cars and a male lead that is quite enjoyable.

Connor is a retired police officer who supplements his retirement as a procure of classic cars for rich clients. he is a fan of cars himself and is still mourning the recent loss of his own car through theft. There is a toughness to Connor but it's leashed. He lives a quiet life in his questionable neighbor hod but all that changes when his ex Evie comes into his Oakland garage. She brings painful memories of passion past and a tear jerker tale about a murdered daughter who is thought to be a suicide.

Connor agrees to investigate and sets himself up for a series of events that endanger his life and the lives of those helping him.

This was an enjoyable read. Baty is definitely familiar with the world of classic cars as well as police procedure. Connor has an interesting authentic "voice". I always gage the success of a mystery on whether  or not I can guess some elements in the plot and I must say there were some surprises here.

I received this Arc from R.J Buckley publishing in return for a honest review .


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