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Here we are in the second Firelight Novel . I must say this series has really improved. I especially commend Sophie for quickly catching up new and returning readers into Jacinda and the world of the Draki. For those who aren't familiar the Firelight universe centers around a pride of Dragons! Jacinda's whole life in the pride was one of control and expectation. As a rare Fire breather she is a Jewel to her pride and expected to follow the rules while  preparing  for her bonding with Cassian. In the first novel we found Jacinda, her mother and her twin sister and defunct dragon Tamara fleeing the pride and trying life on their own. It is under these circumstances that Jacinda falls in love with Will. A love complicated by the fact that his family are Dragon Hunters.

Starting straight from the events of the last book we find Jacinda in even more trouble as she has revealed her nature to humans and been tracked down by Cassian, heir apparent of her Pride. An action packed battle and the surprise revelation concerning her sister Tamara leads the family back where they started amongst their Pride. This time however Jacinda is no longer the favorite of her family. In fact her actions and the revelation that she loves a Hunter destroy her status and friendships . She spends a great deal of time alone  mourning Will and finding her self experiencing strange  thoughts and feelings about Cassian.

I really enjoyed this book and couldn't imagine how it would end. Let me just say Cassian is my favorite ;) but I could really see More of Will's appeal in this book. their are no easy answers and Jacinda is torn between her loyalty to her kind and the desires of her heart. Sophie does a great job letting Jacinda explore her feelings as well as showing how Pride politics are forcing her to bind herself to a mate. Cassian is also fleshed out in this story. He is always looking out for Jacinda even though some of his actions are manipulations to draw them closer, the reader really feels he would give Jacinda her freedom if he could. There was a little vacillation on Jacinda's part that did cause a little eye rolling on my end but that's what a good love triangle does:)

Great character development and Dragon action! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all gets wrapped Up


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