Saturday, August 13, 2011


Bad Island is a wonderful read for all ages but may appeal to middle grade and teen boys.Fathers and Sons is the central theme in this tale. Starting with another world and time.Large hulking symbiotic creatures live on this world. There is an evil force attacking and a King goes off to war. His son anxious for battle deifies his fathers order's to remain and faces a foe he cannot conquer.

Then we move to present day and a hurried family prepares for a getaway. Oldest son Reese is frustrated with his Fathers plans for a family getaway. He tries to get him to let him stay to no avail. The family soon finds themselves on their boat and in a terrible storm. The boat crashes and they are on a strange island. Strange , unearthly flora and fauna dot the ground. Strange creatures roam the island and the discovery of a dead body gives them the clues they need to unravel the mysteries of this Bad Island.

I loved everything about this story! Its a fun  read with gorgeous art and a progressively interesting story. it is the emotional elements that glue this story together though. The family really comes together to survive and secret fears and insecurities come to the surface and a stronger family bond is created. I'm really a fan of TenNapel's and  really look forward to reading more books from him. This book is published by Graphix a division of SCHOLASTIC



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