Tuesday, August 16, 2011

REVIEW : HOUNDED by Kevin Hearne


 The paranormal world is filled with wonderful female characters but it's always refreshing to come across a great male lead. from the opening pages I was really intrigued by Atticus O'Sullivan, a twenty one centuries old Druid ,running an Occult shop in Arizona. From his opening narration I was in love with this character! Atticus has the wisdom of one who has lived a long life and made terrible enemies. He is always on guard so when he is attacked by a band of vicious faeries he is prepared and he knows why. Aenghus Og is making his move. He wants a magical sword that Atticus has relieved him of years ago wants it bad.

Atticus isn't your normal heroic character.The element I most admire about him is his sense of self preservation. There is a certain coldness to him. Not self centered but definitely concerned with his self preservation. The faerie attack starts a snowball effect and soon Atticus finds him self being visited by several interested parties in the battle to come including the Goddess Flidais and the Morrigan a cold beautiful Goddess who has become a bit of a preternatural  guide and surprisingly student of Atticus.

Oh and there are werewolves as well! Hearne has a wonderful blend of Gods , Goddesses and preternatural creatures into the mix and they all blend together marvelously. My favorite parts center around Oberon, canine companion to Atticus. They share a telepathic bond that leads to the sweetest and funniest dialogue in the book. Oberon shows us a softer side of Atticus. His love for the dog is obvious and Gods help any one that harms him.

With two sequels L Hexed and Hammered being released months apart from this one, readers can really immerse themselves in the wonderful universe Hearne has created.


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samantha.1020 said...

This is a book that I'm really looking forward to reading. It sounds like a good read so thanks for sharing!