Tuesday, August 9, 2011



There is a timeless quality to this series. Yes these stories were written in the 80's , a different time , different fears and different desires , but upon rereading them they still chill, still inspire.

In the two part NUKEFACE PAPERS we see a creepy tail about a wanderer. A dangerous man who is addicted to toxic nuclear waste. An addiction he is willing to share , with disastrous results. An exploration of nuclear dumping and how it effects the Green an the Swamp thing.

In GROWTH PATTERNS, and STILL WATERS We see an evolution in Swamp Things powers through the introduction of one of my favorite characters John Constantine. Alec finds he can let his body die and move his consciousness through the Green to regrow elsewhere. It fascinates Alec and isolates Abby a bit as she wonders if "HER" Alec still exists. Tied into this exploration of his powers Swampy is still guided to other locations where strange events are occurring across the globe and finally into his own backyard.

Another wonderful volume in the classic series. The art and story avoid the peril of being dated, still some of the most horrific and creative storytelling in comics history. 


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